Chair of administrative and informational law

Address: Sumy, st. Gerasim Kondratyev 160, main building, audience 123.


General information

In 2007, the Faculty of Law took the initiative to strengthen the innovative nature of education. To this end, a proposal was put forward on the establishment of the department of administrative and information law in the faculty structure. The initiative was supported by the Academic Council of Sumy National Agrarian University.

The department included teachers who previously worked at the department of legal support of the agro-industrial complex. The chair was headed by Irina Vasilyevna Aristova, Doctor of Law, Professor, excellent student of Ukraine, laureate of the Prize named after Yaroslav the Wise.

The department includes

Aristova Irina Vasilievna – Head of the Department, Doctor of Law, Professor

Rogovenko Oleg Vladimirovich – candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department;

Kravchenko Ivan Alexandrovich – Doctor of Law, Art. teacher

Tkachenko Vita Vitalievna – candidate of legal sciences, art. teacher

Chernadchuk Tamara Aleksandrovna – candidate of legal sciences, associate professor

Semenenko Polina – laboratory assistant of the department

At the department disciplines are read

Administrative law, Financial law, Tax law, Banking law, Information law, International law, Customs law, Fundamentals of constitutional law, Fundamentals of law, Jurisprudence, Actual problems of financial law, Actual issues of banking law, Information and legal support of the agricultural sector.

Special courses: General theoretical principles of the Pension Fund of Ukraine; Legal basis of relations between Ukraine and the European Union, Legal deontology. Human rights and freedoms in the modern world, (double-check discipline on the load of the department), Scientific achievements of the department, Scientific activities of the Department of Administrative and Information Law. The scientific activity of the department is carried out in the framework of the scientific school “Law, Management and the Information Society in Ukraine” (formed since 2002).

The purpose of the formation of a scientific school:

Formation of the legal and legislative framework for the development of the information society in Ukraine: development of information law of Ukraine as an integrated branch of the national legal system; promoting the development of the science of information law; improving the interaction of branches of national law (information, administrative, financial, agricultural, etc.); adaptation of national legislation (information, administrative, financial, agricultural, etc.) to international legal standards.

Training of qualified scientific personnel – The head of the scientific school is Aristova Irina Vasilievna

Scientific degree – Doctor of Law, specialty 12.00.07 – administrative law and process; financial right; information law – 2003 (Theme of the dissertation: “State information policy and its implementation in the activities of law enforcement bodies: organizational and legal principles.” Defense of the dissertation – 2002, Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs).

Academic title – Professor of the Department of Administrative Activities of the Internal Affairs Bodies – 2006.

The pedagogical experience in higher educational institutions of education of the IV level of accreditation is 24 years, the scientific experience is 32 years.

Member of two specialized academic councils for the defense of dissertations in the specialty 12.00.07 – administrative law and process; financial right; information law (doctoral council at the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, candidate council at the NUBiP of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).

Prepared: 13 candidates of legal sciences. Currently – 1 graduate student and 1 applicant.

Directions of scientific and organizational activities

Opposition of doctoral and master’s theses in the specialty 12.00.07;

Examination of doctoral and master’s theses in the specialty 12.00.07;

Reviewing monographs, textbooks, teaching aids.

Member of the editorial board of two scientific journals that are professional in the legal sciences – “Information and Law”, “Public Law”.

Publications of a scientific school over the past five years: 6 monographs; scientific and practical manuals – 9 including 3 with the stamp of MOS; articles – 91; abstracts of reports – 98.

Improving the legislation of Ukraine

Proposals have been developed for adjusting and supplementing the laws of Ukraine: “On Information”, “On Access to Public Information”, “On Administrative Services”, “Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses”.

The developed recommendations to the Draft Code of Ukraine on information.

A list of measures for the Annual Plan of adaptation of the legislation of Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union is proposed.

Participation in scientific and organizational events

Continuous participation in international scientific conferences, seminars and round tables (for example, the scientific and practical conference “Problems of reforming national legislation in the context of administrative reform”, January 2011, Kiev; round table “Information Society: Law, innovations and business ”, February 2011, Kiev; round table“ Theory and practice of the development of information law of Ukraine ”, September 2011, Kiev; international scientific-practical conference“ Information society and the state: problems of interaction at the present stage “, October 2012, Kharkov; international scientific-practical conference” Modern problems of the legal, economic and social development of the state “, November 2013, Kharkov) on the problems: legal support for the development of the information society and knowledge society in Ukraine; international cooperation of internal affairs bodies of Ukraine; comparative law., international legal scientific-practical conference “Actual jurisprudence”, October in 2014, Kiev; International Scientific and Practical Congress of Lawyers and Economists “Zagreb’s International Conference on Law and Social Sciences”, breastfeed in 2014, Zagreb (Croatia); International scientific-practical conference “Legal regulation of public relations in the conditions of democratization of the Ukrainian state”, October 2014, Zaporizhia, Zaporizhzhya National University; International Scientific and Practical Conference, March 2014, Lviv; International scientific-practical conference “Legal reforms in Ukraine: the realities of the present time”, May in 2014, Kharkov; round table “Actual problems of environmental, land and agricultural legal relations: methodological and applied aspects”, December 2014, Kharkov; International Scientific Conference “Legal Science and Practice: Challenges of Modern Euro-Integration Processes”, November 2015, Bratislava; International scientific-practical conference “Legal Science and Practice: Challenges of the Present”, September 2015, Kiev; International scientific conference “Promising areas of scientific research – 2015”, October 2015, Bratislava.

Cooperation with the Research Institute of Informatics and Law of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine in the areas of: the formation of the Code of Ukraine on information; the development of science of information law of Ukraine.


March 21, 2013 with the participation of teachers of the department held a round table on the topic: “Problematic issues regarding the settlement of disputes in the field of accrual and payment of contributions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine at the present stage.”

On April 25, 2013, with the participation of the teachers of the department, a scientific and practical seminar “Discussion of the bill” On amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the transplantation of organs and other human anatomical materials” was held.


On February 22, 2012, with the participation of teachers of the department and students of law faculties of SNAU and SUMDU, a round table discussion was held on the topic “Jury trial in Ukraine. Positive and negative points. ”

On March 21, 2012, teachers of the department, together with the Laboratory of Practical Law and with the support of students of the law faculty of Sumy NAU, held a round table on the topic: “Problematic issues of the draft Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine”.

On October 05, 2012, teachers of the department organized and held a round table on the topic “Problematic issues of the Law of Ukraine” On State Guarantees, regarding the implementation of court decisions. “


March 24, 2011 the teachers of the department organized and held a round table on the topic: “Pension reform in Ukraine: problems and prospects.”