Laboratory of practical law

A laboratory of practical law is the chair of the law department of SNAU and was created as a base for organization of the scientific, practical and methodological support of the academic process of the law department.

The aim of activity of the Laboratory is to ensure mastering the skills of practical law of the students of the law department of SNAU, strengthening and development of the communication theory of law and legal practice, the expansion of cooperation between the higher educational establishments, engaged in training of law experts, with judicial, law enforcement bodies, institutions of justice, state power and local self-government, with other establishments and organizations; introduction in the academic process of the practical training elements of the law department students in the field of legal services; creation of information support in the work of the Laboratory by the release of special publications.

A task of the Laboratory of practical law is to carry out activities of legal education of the population, providing intercourse students during the learning process with the practitioners of judicial and law enforcement bodies, other public and local self-government authorities on the questions of their activity; to create the effective mechanism of information exchange between population, mass media and Laboratory of law, that will let to respond quickly on the practical necessities of citizens; to grant the facilities to the students of the department to get practical skills on chief subjects; to create the places for students’ work and field experience.

A legal clinic “Dovira” was created on the base of the laboratory of practical law.

The decision of creation of the legal clinic was adopted on the Academic Council of law department in 2009. In November 2009 received subgrant from the American Association ABA/ROLI.

Since March 2013 the legal clinic “Dovira” is a member of the Association of legal clinics of Ukraine.

The aim of creation of legal clinic “Dovira” is to provide practical training of students of the law department of SNAU with professional activity, assist the understanding of their social weight of the legal career, and help in the decision of legal problems of clients.

The task of the legal clinic is providing the academic process, to send the students to mastering practical aspects of the legal career, providing low-income groups and other socially unprotected groups with free legal aid, and as well as carrying out law educational work.

The activity of legal clinic is realized with implication to academic process of practitioners.

In accordance with the aim and tasks, the legal clinic:

1) conducts the classes;

2) provides organization and administration of the office work;

3) performs reception and consultancy of the clients;

4) performs creation and execution of projects of the legal documents;

5) performs representation clients interests ad litem (лат. в суде)(in court);

6) conducts preparation and dissemination of publications for the population on topical legal questions;

7) sets cooperation with public and local self-government authorities, mass media, other enterprises, institutions and organizations;

8) generalizes transaction practice by the students of legal clinic;

9) provides cooperation with other legal clinics.

Basic events:


• Masterclass for students of law department of SNAU on the subject : “Protecting human rights” conducted by Shesternina N.P, the head of the sector of legal work and education of the Main Administration of Justice in Sumy region together with Maliyi L.V., the assistant chief of notarial system department of the same Administration, by Samoylenko S.S., the chief of Sumy local Administration of Justice, by Litvinenko S.M., the assistant director of Sumy regional center of granting free secondary legal assistance;

• Internal olympiad in advising clients;

• Masterclass concerning implementation of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of physical and legal persons in the field of legal administrative services, conducted by Moroz R.O., the head of administrative services department of the Administration center of granting of administrative services of the Executive committee of Sumy local board;

• Providing consultation in public reception (centres);

• Photo competition on the subject: “I’ve got a right…”;

• Educational hours for the pupils of schools;

• Masterclasses: by Kolesnik Y.M., the head of department of the state registration of material rights on the real estate of registration service of Main Administration of Justice and Kalinichenko N.A., the chief of Zarichny department of state registration acts of civil status of registration service of Sumy local Administration of Justice;

• Attending of the judicial sittings;

• Psychological training “Formation of the best qualities of leader”;

• Participation in VI Ukrainian legal VIP- tournament in Kyiv;

• Meeting with Katozhina Byalobzheiska and Tsezaryi Kyrkovskyi, the Doctors of Humane Letters of the University of Warma and Mazury in Olstyn (Poland), who shared the experience of Poland in the decision of some social problems;

• Participation in round work table “Providing the rights and freedoms of man”.


• Lecture for the students of vocational training school №1;

• Excursion and lecture on the subject: “Human and child rights” for pupils of the 10th form of Sumy secondary school №15;

• Masterclass on the subject: “Mediation as a method of decision of legal conflicts”;

• Day of the cinema verite about human rights of the ІХ International festival on the basis of law department of SNAU;

• Internal olympiad in advising clients;

• Providing consultation in public reception (centres).


• Internal competition on consultancy of clients;

• Open lesson in Sumy comprehensive school of the I – III degrees №6, among pupils of the 9-11 forms;

• Internal olympiad in advising clients;

• Providing consultation in public reception (centres).


• Hands-on seminar for teachers and students on the subject: “Mediation and the procedure of dispute resolution by consensus “;

• Internal olympiad in advising clients;

• Theoretical and practical students conference on the subject: “Legal problems of the present”;

• Participation in Ukrainian legal tournament among the students of higher educational establishments of Ukraine, that took place in the framework of the law week.


• Practical training on the subject: “Smart consumer”;

• Training workshop: “The technique of drafting of procedural documents. Representation of interests of citizens in court”;

• Training: “Psychological features of work with the client”;

• Providing consultation in public reception (centres);

• Internal olympiad in advising clients;

• Seminars: “Job placement from A to Z”, “Organization of own legal business”.