Welcome speech

Dear friends!

I am often asked what legal education should be in order to meet the requirements of the times. Legal education must respond quickly to the challenges of today, be prepared to take advantage of the content of reforms and not be afraid to get rid of doctrinal conservative views on law as an instrument of power.

I am confident to inform you that the Faculty of Law of Sumy NAU is increasingly taking the forms of a modern educational laboratory, is a team of like-minded people, where experience and initiative are combined.

The environment creates the result. The environment of our law faculty drives the movement, all who come to us feel the need for knowledge, the need to test them in practice. We have created a live system of active practical training. The atmosphere of our faculty contributes to this. Not only did we manage to create interactive audiences, we also filled them with educational content. From knowledge, understanding, use to its synthesis, analysis and evaluation. A prospective lawyer should be prepared to present arguments, defend his or her point of view, prove and predict. Students in role-playing games try on the features of the legal profession, overcome the acute public trials, which is a necessary part of a lawyer’s life. From the forensic experiment to the analysis of the situation presented by forensics, this is the basic knowledge provided by our practitioners.

Theoretical lessons provided by a coordinated team of our teachers are directly related to the basics of practice. We try to organize weekly visits to students by court sessions, judicial authorities, etc.

These are important but not the only current segments of SNAU legal education. We remember that it is useful to learn by yourself. That is why all law school teachers are attending desks and studying English using the Oxford method. This is not surprising, since we are the leaders of our region in obtaining international grants for student and student youth, it is not enough to represent the achievements of national legal education and science at contemporary international symposia of world importance. Our faculty is known for the scientific work of the existing law schools, every year we receive orders from the state for paid scientific research. This is a prestigious result, but we set more ambitious goals. Together, we will reach them.

From experience, studying at our faculty, whether at the bachelor’s, specialist’s, or master’s degrees in full-time or part-time, budget or commercial, opens up modern opportunities for those who seek to change themselves and the world around them. This is our credo.