Scientific achievements of the faculty


The year 2019 was marked by a number of events and achievements in the scientific life of the faculty. The achievements of the scientists of the faculty were supplemented by 21 monographs, 84 articles in national and foreign editions, 10 articles in publications indexed in Scopus and Web of Science scientific databases.

Faculty scientists worked on research work at the expense of the state budget and organizations: “Improvement of the legislation on the procedure of collective labor disputes (conflicts): status and prospects” (Head of Prof. SI Zapara), “Improvement of the legislation of Ukraine on security spheres of banking activity in the context of European integration: economic and legal aspect “(Head of Candidate of Science, Associate Professor AM Klochko),” Development of a project for maintaining a park-monument of landscape art of local importance “Volokytinsky and “(Volokityne village, Putivl district)” (Head of Candidate of Science, Associate Professor Yu. L. Sklar).

Cooperation with foreign scientific and educational centers was actively developing. The result of the academic cooperation with the University of Euroregional Economy in Jozefow (Poland) was the organization and holding of the 3rd International Conference on Human Rights on 3 June. Professor SI took part in the conference. Zapara, associate professors NV Volchenko, Yu.A. Jepa, NV Kletsova, A.M. A slice. In addition, the dean of the faculty prof. SI. Zapara presented the findings of her research at the 71st Annual Convention of the Organization for Employment and Employment Relations (USA, Cleveland, June 13-16). Associate Professor of the Department of Justice Yu.O. Kotvyakovsky participated in the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the founding of the scientific journal Visegrad Journal on Human Rights (Snina, Slovak Republic, June 7-8).

Among the scientific events organized by the Faculty’s scientists are the following:

– exhibition “Colors of Revolution” (April 9-21, Sumy City Gallery). The event was covered in the media, including on the TV channels Sumy UA and Vidikon;

– Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Jurisprudence: Theoretical and Practical Dimensions” (April 25);

– Student Roundtable Discussing the Concept of Modernizing Legal Education (November 19);

– Roundtable on Modern Legal Education: From Educational Programs to Prospects for Reform (November 26);

The achievements of the young scientists of the Faculty were also marked by the achievements. Yes, the graduate student V.V. She won the All-Ukrainian Young Lawyer of the Year competition. Magistracy student I. Litovchenko won the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works in the specialty “geodesy and land management” (scientific supervisor NO Kapinos). Student I. Grimailo won the competition of creative and scientific works on the topic of prosecutorial and investigative activities “10 steps of the prosecutor to overcome corruption”, conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (supervisor of Candidate of Science, Associate Professor Myronenko T.E.).

The student exchange program within the Erasmus + Exchange Study Mobility program (Czech Republic, University of Applied Sciences in Prague from September 22, 2018 to February 22, 2019) was attended by a student of the faculty P. Shyslevska. Postgraduate student A. Digtyar received an internship at the 150-hour “The Development of Jurisprudence: The Problems and Prospects of Law” (Republic of Croatia, Pula Jure Dobrile University, May 8-16).


Realizing one of the main priorities of the Faculty’s work – maintaining close international scientific and educational contacts – Dean of the Faculty of Law SI Zapara and Head of the Department of International Relations In the end of May, Kllochko visited Thessaloniki (Greece), where they attended meetings to create the international organization BSIMAN, which brought together about 50 universities. Signed by S.I. In a row, the Memorandum opens up opportunities for new collaborative research projects, active academic exchange, double degrees, and more.

On May 18, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression, a round table “Great Terror” was held on the territory of the modern Sumy region (1937-1939) at the SNAU Law School. ” The event was attended by historians, lawyers, representatives of creative unions, public organizations and authorities. The practical result of the roundtable was concrete proposals to state and local governments to clarify the names of all victims of Soviet totalitarianism, honor their memory, restore historical justice, and promote humanistic and democratic values.

On April 25-26, 2018 in Sumy at the Sumy National Agrarian University the International scientific and practical conference “Topical issues of jurisprudence: theoretical and practical dimensions” was held. The conference was attended by more than 150 participants, who represented higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and Germany, state authorities and local self-government of the region. The participants discussed the state and prospects of the development of jurisprudence, focusing on issues of state construction and local self-government, problems of reforming the judicial and law enforcement agencies, procedural legislation. The conference served as a fruitful basis for the exchange of views on these issues and, according to the resolution of the participants, should be held annually.

As in previous years, the participation of students of the faculty in the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works was successful, the results of which were summarized at the end of April. Natalia Volchenko (scientific supervisor Doctor of Law, Professor Zapara SI) won the second place in the specialty “International Law”, and Maria Shcherbak and Bogdan Pinchuk (scientific supervisor PhD in Law, associate professor Roovenko O.) .IN.).

In early April, the All-Ukrainian Environmental Law Essay Competition ended, with Karina Shevchenko (scientific supervisors VV Nezhevelo and NO Petrov) taking the third place.

A successful scientific debut was the participation of first-year students Elijah Danilov and Dmitry Tymchenko (scientific supervisor candidate of historical sciences, associate professor LI Rozhkov) at the IX All-Ukrainian Conference of Students “Topical Issues of Modern Science and Law”, which took place on April 20, 2018 in Sumy branches of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. The research presented by them was marked as the best.

The high level of theoretical and practical training of the students of the Law Faculty testified to the participation in the Olympiad of legal clinics for client counseling, which took place on March 2-4 at the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Irpin). 20 teams from different universities in Ukraine competed in providing primary legal aid. Students of SNAU Law School Maria Shcherbak and Alexei Barbin presented our region with dignity, demonstrating not only knowledge of law, but also the ability to establish contact with a client, quickly navigate the situation.


On May 30, the Scientific and Practical Conference “Novelties of Drafts of Procedural Legislation of Ukraine” was held at the Sumy District Administrative Court. The discussion concerned reforms related to changes in the Constitution, draft amendments to the Code of Administrative Procedure of Ukraine, the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, and the Economic Procedure Code of Ukraine.

The conference was held with the active participation of SNAU law faculty. Thus, the innovations laid down in the draft civil procedural legislation were discussed in the report of the Head of the Department of Justice, Doctor of Law, Professor Yasinka MM. The moderator of the conference was the Dean of the SNAU Law Faculty, Doctor of Laws, Professor Zapara SI.

Dean of Zapara Law School SI participated in the Olomouc Law Days – an international scientific and practical conference held on May 18-19 at the University of Palatsky in Olomouc (Czech Republic). This conference has been held since 2007 and is becoming increasingly popular with scientists every year. This year the conference brought together more than 300 lawyers from Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. It is gratifying to note that the report of Zapara SI “Challenges and Opportunities in Protecting the Right to Work in Ukraine” aroused live interest. Equally important as a result of our participation in the conference were the new scientific connections that our Dean succeeded in meeting with colleagues from different countries in Europe.

On April 19-21, the Annual General Meeting and Conference of The European Law Faculties Association was held in Brno (Czech Republic) to discuss the major challenges facing European legal education. Ukraine was represented by three higher education institutions, including the SNAU, which was worthily represented by the dean of Zapara Law School, SI.

On April 19, a section meeting of the Scientific and Practical Conference of SNAU faculty, graduate students and students took place at the Faculty of Law. The participants of the conference were particularly interested in the reports of Alina Tsepukh, “The Presumption of Police Correctness in Ukraine”, Maria Shcherbak “Problems of access to justice in the aspect of legal costs in civil proceedings”, Assol Shulzhenko “Judicial expertise in the investigation of rape. These reports have been recognized as the best and have been recognized by certificates. In addition, the reports of students Alexandra Velichko, Pavel Chubur and Yulia Eftifieva were marked with an encouraging gift. In general, the meeting was fruitful and effective, with lively interest and friendly discussion.

Evidence of the high level of training of young scholars of the Faculty of Law was the successful participation of graduate student Tatiana Krivonos in the VIII All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of students “Topical issues of science and practice” (April 21, 2017, Sumy). Her report “The threat of an environmental disaster in the ATO area” was recognized as the best.

On April 15-16, the Faculty hosted the Fourth All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Domestic Legal Science”, which was attended by 55 scientists from different regions of Ukraine. As a result of the conference, a collection of materials was published.

On April 1-3, a seminar “Political Ideologies and Basic Values” was held in Vinnytsia within the framework of the educational project “Higher political school. New Principles of Leadership, ”founded by the Eidos Center for Policy Studies and Analytics. The aim of the project is to bring up a critical understanding of the reality and events that take place around the political and social spheres of life. It is pleasant to note that this year student of the law faculty Bogdan Pinchuk took part in the project.

At the end of March the results of the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works on natural, technical and human sciences were summed up. The winners of this year’s competition, as in the previous two years, were students of the SNAU Law Faculty. First place in the field of Administrative Law and Procedure; finance law; information law ”won by Inna Fedorovich (scientific supervisor Doctor of Law, Professor Aristova IV).

Natalia Sokorenko (scientific supervisor Candidate of Law, Associate Professor Chernadchuk TO) took second place in the field of Public Administration.

On March 17, a photo-documentary exhibition “Long Live Free Ukraine!”, Dedicated to the centenary of the beginning of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, was opened in Sumy NAU. The exhibit includes, in particular, such items as the newspapers Novaya Rada (1917) and Forward (1919), the Ukrainian Declamator (1918), and the Moscow-Ukrainian Dictionary (1918). .), and “Earth and Man” (1918). The author of the latter is a native of Okhtyrka, a member of the Central Rada, UNR Minister of Agriculture, Aristarch Ternichenko. The exhibition also presents documents, photographs, banknotes, postage stamps of the period of the Ukrainian Revolution. All exhibits are provided for exposition by the faculty of the SNAU Law Faculty. Goncharov and M.A. Mikhailchenko.

On March 16, by the decision of the Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Sumy National Agrarian University was licensed to prepare postgraduate students in the specialty 081 “Law”. Thus, the Faculty of Law begins to train specialists for the third (educational-scientific) level of higher education, which corresponds to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

March 15 at Sumy State Pedagogical University. AS Makarenko hosted the First Regional Local History Conference “Sumy in the Historical and Literary Dimension”, which was attended by students of the Law Faculty Anna Yemelyanova (report by “Pavel Zaitsev – Shevchenko Studies, Public and Political Worker”), Ivanna Berkel and Yuliya Berkadel From the History of the Opposition Literary Movement in Sumy Region in the 1960s – the Beginning of the 1980s. ”).

On February 28, the Department of State Registration of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered a new scientific journal, Private and Public Law. The founder of the publication – Sumy National Agrarian University, editor-in-chief – Dean of the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Law, Professor S.I. Constipation. The editorial board of the magazine includes leading domestic and foreign legal scholars. The main principles of the publication are to promote the latest achievements of jurisprudence and to exchange best practices in the field of law, legal education, coverage of topical issues of practical application of Ukrainian legislation. The magazine will be published quarterly. In the first half of 2017, two issues of the magazine were published, which can be found on the publication’s website: .


An important factor in the growth of the faculty’s scientific potential in 2016 was the strengthening of its staff. This year, the ranks of the scientists of the Faculty were replenished by a well-known scientist-jurist Doctor of Laws, Professor, Excellence in the Education of Ukraine T.M. Kravtsova, ex-deputy prosecutor of Sumy region, senior adviser of justice, candidate of law, Honorary employee of the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine T.E. Mironenko. The material and technical base of the research work has been significantly improved, including the creation of a forensic office. Efforts have also been made to establish new scientific relationships. Thus, in 2016, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the SNAU Law Faculty and the Center of German Law of Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko.

A significant result of the research of the Faculty of Law staff is the completion in 2016 of research work at the expense of the state budget on the topic: “Jurisdiction of the courts and extrajudicial bodies on the resolution of labor disputes” (Head Doctor of Law, Professor SI Zapara). The result of the work was the draft amendments to the current legislation of Ukraine on the procedure for resolving labor disputes.

An indicator of the effective student scientific work was the victory of the students of the faculty M. Scherbak and M. Gasai at the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works in the natural sciences, technical and humanities in the field “Legal Sciences” (Head Doctor of Law, Professor SI Zapara). M. Gasai’s scientific work was also awarded with a scholarship by the chairman of the Sumy Regional State Administration.

In general, the academic life of the Law Faculty in 2016 was eventful:

In February, a series of trainings were conducted at the faculty of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “Justice of Justice” to approve the method of independent evaluation of judges by NGOs. As a result, members of the working group, consisting of law students, were drawn up questionnaires, which were later used to conduct the questioning of judges.

On March 9, students and professors (associate professors of the Department of DPD and Ukrainian Studies Kirillenko NI and Mikhailichenko MA) took part in a roundtable “Art Heritage of Taras Shevchenko in 1846 in the Context of European Culture”, which was held on the basis of Sumy Art Museum named after Nicanor Onatsky.

On April 15-16, the Third All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Domestic Legal Science” was held at the Faculty. As a result of the conference, a collection of materials was published.

On April 20, at the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Sumy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Teacher Education, a regional scientific and methodological seminar “Roman Law as a Basis for Building a Modern Effective Public-Legal Model of Relations between Government and Citizen” was held. The event was attended by 20 of the most experienced law teachers of Sumy region. The lecturers of the SNAU Law Faculty SI Zapara and N.A. Bondar, Director of Sumy Local Center for Free Secondary Legal Aid V.V. A little bit, the methodologist of history and jurisprudence of Sumy regional institute of postgraduate pedagogical education OV Tretyakov.

On April 21, a section meeting of the annual scientific and practical conference of teachers, graduate students and students of Sumy NAU took place at the Faculty of Law. The reports presented at the conference were devoted to the pressing issues of domestic law: reform of the labor legislation of Ukraine, measures to clean up the authorities in Ukraine, problems of employment of young people, reform of the judicial system, etc.

In April, a textbook on jurisprudence was published by the general editorial staff of Doctor of Laws, the first Vice-Rector of Sumy NAU Kuril MP. in recent years.

In April, Doctor of Laws, Professor M.M. Yasinko has published a textbook “Judicial debate: law, psychology, rhetoric”. The work deals with one of the most difficult stages of litigation – the judicial debate. The article deals with the legal, psychological and rhetorical features of court speeches, and provides numerous examples of case law.

In May, a textbook for masters and postgraduate students “Civil Procedure Law of Ukraine”, edited by Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Justice M.M. Yasinka. The textbook reflects contemporary problems of civil procedural law, both in terms of theory and practice of civil justice. In preparation of the textbook, in addition to M.M. Yasinka, attended by other leading scholars of the Faculty of Law: Doctor of Laws, Professor of the Department of Justice M.P. Kurilo (section “The unity of the civilistic process in Ukraine: problems of theory and practice”) and Doctor of Laws, Dean of the Faculty of Law SI Zapara (section “Alternative Forms of Civil Dispute Resolution: Status and Prospects”).

On September 20, a scientific and practical seminar on the implementation of the IFC project “Agrarian Receipts in Ukraine” was held (moderator – consultant of the International Financial Corporation IFC, associate professor of the Economics Department of SNAU Sukhostavets AI).

On June 9, a scientific seminar “Decentralization of power. Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. ” The report was presented by the director of the Sumy regional reform office Nina Mikhailovna Melnyk. The seminar participants were introduced to the Concept of reforming local self-government and territorial government in Ukraine and ways of its implementation. Particular attention was paid to the issues of territorial community reunification, their new functions and powers. N.M. Melnik also informed about the draft amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which should ensure the process of decentralization of power.

On October 5, a roundtable on “What Legal Education Should Be” was held to discuss the areas of improvement of legal education for the professional training of the lawyer in accordance with European standards of higher education and the legal profession. The roundtable was attended by the leadership of the Main Territorial Directorate of Justice in Sumy Oblast, leading scientists-jurists of Sumy NAU, scientists of Sumy Branch of KNUVD, as well as representatives of the judiciary, prosecutor’s office, executive bodies.

In 2016, the academic achievements of the Faculty of Law increased by 9 monographs and 74 scientific articles, of which 9 were published in Scopus and Copernicus scientific and metric databases, 5 were published in foreign publications and 60 were published in national professional journals. of abstracts at university conferences, published 3 articles in national professional editions.